Hello Everyone!

We went silent but we are alive and kicking!

Few things changed in our structure but everything it is still happening just the way we planned!

Today I’m here to tell you a bit about the feelings I had when I finally participated to a MatatArt session. Being involved in the creation process and not having the opportunity to see it at work was somehow hard for me. This is why I was overwhelmed with happiness and emotions while seeing the MatatArt in action, the amazing Team who’s making it happen everyday and the happiness of the kids!

The combination of these three elements, the harmony and the energy each of them gave to me are difficult to put in words.

The Matatu, colourful and functional, amazing result of the love and contribution of many people. The Team, that I will never be able to thank enough, whose enthusiasm and passion for these kids are now becoming something tangible. And then obviously, the kids. The engine and the hearth of this project. There were countless smiles on their faces.

Seeing that amount of joy in such a difficult environment it was our objective from the very beginning.

Something going beyond the numbers but being able to reach the hearth of as many kids as possible.

The session we had was exactly the way we imagined when we first dreamed about MatatArt: a combination of dance, music, painting and reading! All in one!

There is still a lot to do. I believe there is always room for improvement but I am sure we have all the elements in place to make this happen. After the session, I spent some time with the Team, understanding their ideas and challenges, getting their vision of MatatArt. I told them to have fun, that MatatArt should be a playground where we have the power to make dreams come true! Because in the end, it is all about this.

My dreams, Your dreams and the kids dreams.

I want you all to trust me on this: seeing MatatArt bringing joy in the disadvantaged communities of Kampala, it was a dream coming true.

I can’t wait to go back again!