KYDA, Kawempe Youth Development Association, is an NGO operating in Kampala that takes care of street children in the slum of Kawempe with the aim of facilitating their reintegration into the community, among other projects.

The main purpose of the association is to have a safe place to accommodate children at night so as to take them off the road.


MatatArt organized three weeks of art activities during the school break to help KYDA children to improve their dormitory and their garden.


During MatatArt activities, the children have learned the color wheel and the basics of painting and they have applied this knowledge with the interior and exterior painting of their dormitory.┬áIn addition to this, they have experimented the “tie and dye” technique to make their clothes unique.

One of the three weeks has been dedicated to gardening: the children visited the KCCA garden to learn some gardening methods to apply in their garden at the center.



As first experience, KYDA art activity was a great success, the children really enjoyed it and we are really proud about their results!

We really appreaciate all the people who worked hard to made it possible and the children for their enthusiastic participation.


Photo credit by Sam Deckers