What we do

MatatArt is a mobile all-in-one structure that delivers art to children's doorstep even in places where there is little infrastructure, equipment, services or facilities. Our bespoke vehicle transforms any space making it suitable for performing a wide variety of art based activities.


Visual arts activities include drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts and photography to develop each child's capacity for self expression, and stimulate their imagination and creative senses.


Musical activities include experiences such as listening to music, playing an instrument, singing or dancing to have fun and encourage children to use their energy in a positive way.


Literature based activities include literacy poetry, reading and writing stories to improve literacy skills of the children while they fall in love with books, stories and poetry.

MatatArt intends to promote the access to arts for the children and their communities, and as a result will boost the cultural development and social participation in the underserved areas of Kampala

Where we work

Kampala is estimated to have a population of 3.500.000 inhabitants, more than half of them are living in informal settlements. MatatArt targets this areas where children are exposed to a wide range of risks which are undermining their development.

are aged under 18 years old

complete primary school

live in informal areas

use matatu to get around

Participation in art-based activities has been linked to positive social outcomes, including overall engagement in school, increased community commitment and pro-social activities

How we do it

MatatArt is a unique elaboration of a “matatu”, the most common means of transportation in Uganda. The adaptation of the regular minivan to a flexible design will be used to generate a joyful interaction with the surrounding environment and an attractive transformation of the urban space.
Sessions per month
Colors, songs & books
Children per year

Who we are

MatatArt is a project of Art of a child in collaboration with artists and professionals from all over the world.

Art of a child is an ugandan association of creative change makers promoting art and culture among vulnerable children to enhance the welfare of children through literacy, the arts and heritage education.


Our blog is a collection of exciting news, pictures and insights about MatatArt project and interesting stories from Ugandan communities.
Jun 0
Jun 0

MatatArt community presentations!

Hello everyone! You need to know what is going on here in Kampala! MatatArt is still running around town and children are loving it! MatatArt kids during the last three days of May, presented to their communities what they have learnt throughout the year. Presentations took place in three disadvantaged communities of Kampala: Kawuku-Bunga, Kanyogoga, and Salama.   […]

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Dec 1
Dec 1

MatatArt! What an extraordinary day!

Hello Everyone! We went silent but we are alive and kicking! Few things changed in our structure but everything it is still happening just the way we planned! Today I’m here to tell you a bit about the feelings I had when I finally participated to a MatatArt session. Being involved in the creation process […]

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